Saturday, October 22, 2016

Add more fun to your books

Creative Book Builder supports book widgets that make your book more fun.

Creative Widget Builder (CWB) is a powerful book widget generation tool. CWB adds 5 more widgets to new version. Now CWB contains 15 types of widgets.

Here are some examples of new widgets:


Wikipedia Article

Pair Matching

Guess The Word

Arithmetic Question

Here is the full list of widgets:

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

New Image Editor

Creative Book Builder now integrates with new version of image editor supported by Adobe Creative Cloud.

More effects, frames, stickers, and overlays can be downloaded within the app for free.

More detail is here.

Monday, September 5, 2016

Creative Book Builder v3.6

New features:

1. Upload HTML5 book to FTP Server for hosting purpose

2. Move and copy group

3. Support external widgets for Fixed Layout Books

4. View trash of books in one interface

5. Upload & batch upload books to Box

6. Insert subscript and superscript

7. Convert Table To Rich Table

8. Convert List To Rich Table

9. New version of image editor

10. UI enhancement for photo picker

11. UI enhancement of resource library

12. Bug fix

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Add interactive video widgets to your books

Embedded video in book can help us understand the content better. If people can interact with video, it brings more fun. How can we enrich the video ?

Creative Widget Builder v1.1 supports video related widgets: Video Slide, Video Question and Video Playlist.

Video Slide
When you record lesson in class, the presentation slide is not usually viewed clearly in video. Video slide widget can make video and presentation slide display side by side. Slide will be triggered at the proper time.

Here is the demo:

Video Question
Do you want to challenge others when they are watching your video? Video Question can insert multiple choice question at different time. Video will be stopped when question is about to display. After answering the question, video will be resumed.

Here is the demo:

Video Playlist
You can group a series of videos into one widget using Video Playlist. People can select video in the playlist.

Here is the demo:

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Creative Book Builder v3.5

New features:

1. Share photos, video, audio or text from other apps into CBB using Share Extension

2. Fix the problem of external keyboard

3. Support iOS 9 multi-tasking (Split view and slide over)

4. Bug fix

Friday, June 17, 2016

Add your own games to your books

When your readers are reading your book for a long time, they may feel tired sometimes. If you add some games to the book, they can play the game to relax themselves. For students, learning game can help them understand the content easily.

So, is it possible to add games to your books? Creative Widget Builder (CWB) v1.1 makes it happen.

CWB v1.1 supports 2 games now:
1. Puzzle Game
2. Memory Matching Game

Puzzle Game

Puzzle Game splits photo into some parts and sorts parts in random order.

1. Tap + button and then select "Puzzle Game"

2. In "Add Puzzle Game" interface, type title and tap "Select Image"  to pick one image

3. Finally tap "Save" button

4. Tap settings icon to change style

Memory Matching Game

Memory Matching Game contains some pairs of photos and sorts them in random order. Player matches one pair at each time by selecting 2 photos until all the pairs are matched.

1. Tap + button and then select "Memory Matching Game"

2. In "Add Memory Matching Game" interface, type title and tap "Select Images" to pick some images

3. Finally tap "Save" button

4. Tap settings icon to change style

5. View sample

Please download Creative Widget Builder today.

Monday, May 9, 2016

Creative Book Builder Family

Creative Book Builder Family includes 5 apps: Creative Book Builder, Creative Widget Builder, Creative Book Reader, TouchAppCreator and TouchAppViewer.

The following diagram explains the relationship among Creative Book Builder Family's apps:

Creative Widget Builder generates widgets based on iBooks Widget format. Those widgets can be applied to iBooks Author, Creative Book Builder and TouchAppCreator as well.

Creative Book Builder is a powerful and professional tool to generate EPUB that can be read through any EPUB readers. Also, CBB can export book into HTML5 books that can be read through any web browsers. HTML5 books can include some widgets that cannot be used in EPUB, e.g. iframe, and embed html code. 

Creative Book Reader is an free app to read HTML5 books. It helps you distribute your HTML5 books easily.

TouchAppCreator allows everyone to create mobile optimized and content centric web app. The published web app can be added to Home Screen. It can import EPUB generated by CBB. On the other hand, CBB can import apps created by TouchAppCreator.

TouchAppViewer is also an free app to browse web app offline. It helps you distribute your web app easily.